Over the years Lee and others have created various public accessible projects. Below is listed those projects

Onion Investigator (OINT)

Onion investigator was released in November 2017. This project is a shodan like search engine for .onion services.
Project was taken offline mid 2018.
Visit oint.ctrlbox.com

Cyber Crime Arrest Tracker (CCIT)

CCIT was officially released in 2016 at defcon by jake kouns of Risk Based Security. The Site is a extensive database and tracking system cyber crime related incidents.
Project was taken offline mid 2018.
Visit www.arresttracker.com

Police Feeds Monitor (PFM)

Police Feeds Monitor was created to accommodate the Cyber Crime Incident Tracker Project, it takes the boring work out of monitoring law enforcement news feeds by putting them into a nice system that is monitored for keywords.
Project was taken offline start of 2018.
Visit pfm.ctrlbox.com

Cyber War News (CWN)

Started in June 2011 and continued strong until 2014 when it ran into some legal issues over content posted and the American DOJ. Since then the site has been left as a archive with minor additions added.
Visit www.cyberwarnews.info

Oz Data Centa (OZDC)

OZDC is a deprecated project that started back in 2011. The aim of this project was to create a public searchable database of hacked websites and the effected emails. Each incident provided end users with statistics such as duplicates, targets, hackers.
Cache ozdc.net

Ares p2p Server Mapping

Ares is a small peer-2-peer network that has ability to host chat rooms with features like my like that of a very basic IRC client. This project was a custom system built in php designed to grab and display current and past statistics from the networks chat channels. The site breaks down languages, IP locations, server versions and generates some statistics.
Visit Project