This Clover Doesn't Bring Good Luck, Webhosting leaks 24,000 clients details.

Clovers often get to referred to as a sign of good luck, but that is not the case with a web hosting company who uses Clover »

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ResponseIQ doesn't Respond to well

Here we go again, another day and another short article about another open elastic search engine that was leaking 8M rows of data from a large »

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Bunnings Internal Employee Observations Database Exposed

Recently i did an article on b&q, a U.K based home hardware supplier and this week it seems that another major player in »

Posted by at Exposed all users emails

In an all too common incident, another elastic search engine has ended up exposing all the users' email addresses from ¬†an adult content website, »

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When Security Fails, 70,000 Offender and Incident Logs Exposed.

This is a story about a large UK based home and hardware store, who has a internal security notes and offender program and a elastic search. »

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