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At the end of last year i released a small project which i called Onion Investigator, this projects aim is to create a shodan like service for hidden services located on TOR giving the ability to map out services, web technologies and content and now months on and few code updates later its time to update the public about what has been change, what my plans for this project are and how you can help me out with this project to.

First of the GUI changes, why the site is so dam ugly and what is going to be done about it!. GUI Changes made are navigation has changed, logo added, onion listing is no longer on the home page, explore page for onions created, single onion information pages updated to show archives nicer aswell as handling the data from IRCd, XAMPP and other services much better. Reason why the site looks as it does is that simply i am a backend developer, i got no design sense and to me if it works its good, in saying that if you would like to help design the site please hit me up on @83leej on twitter besides that plans for any design upgrades in the future are non existent for now as bootstrap does the job and requires almost no effort to use.

Core Changes made is what really matters, when i first released this service there was a nasty bug in the json that was preventing alot of onions information being viewed but this has since been fixed and all onions are now showing the full data. Other core changes is the addition of some more services and the refinement of search.

The next stage of development is the addition of an API, a full user interface, ability to scan new onions and the ability to monitor for changes on onions as well.
For further updates, complaints or general hate hit me up on twitter @83leej.

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