Why i turned off my Google Home Mini

Towards the end of last year there was a lot of talk about a new gadget released by Google called the Google home mini, which is smaller version of Google Home that runs Google Assistance and allows users to easy control smart devices such as lights and TVs.

Shortly before Christmas 2017 i had purchased a new Home Mini, charcoal color if it matters to anyone, almost instantly it was a realization of why-did-i-by-this as much basic every day Android device with Google home installed could do the exact same thing, from anywhere i wanted at any time i wanted, not just in one location within the house or if i am far away yelling at a electronic device to search for me while people possibly walk past my house thinking i am sort of nut case fighting with a person called Google.

The Google assistance program it self is not that great and really for anyone looking for something that they can use as a voice activation service to control smart stuff around the home, i would really look elsewhere unless you would like to be repeating your questions or being told it does not know how to do what you asked it to do.

The Home mini also likes to randomly start talking when u say Certain keywords, this can become very annoying and confusing for people in your house who are not aware of such devices. I have a young daughter and when asking Google to play such things like Mickey mouse club house or Minnie Mouse it can return some very random and strange and unrelated results leaving me wondering how many children are being exposed to content they should not be via such failures.

When buying the Home Mini i was well aware i could use my every day android device to do the same thing with the Google assistance program, however the idea of having a dedicated device that can return answers and do stuff for you was and still is a great idea but maybe for now it is something that needs a lot of work.

More recently a lot of other larger corporations have started releasing home speakers that can control smart objects with Amazon and Apple jumping aboard there is also other smaller corporations like JBL and Sony who do a wireless speaker with Google Home assistance embedded within it for voice control.

Now i have a smart TV, lets see what i can find with that!

About the author: Lee Johnstone