Bash script to check if .onions and other urls are alive or not

The basic idea of this bash script is to feed a list of .onion urls and use torsocks and wget to check if the url is active or not, surely there are many other alternatives but it always nice to have another option.


requires you have torsocks installed on your system.
save torm as a executable file,
chmod +x torm

save the file list as urls.txt and run script.


Results will be saved into a file name tmp, this file will be appended to on further scans.

Each checked url will leave the following line "Fri Oct 13 13:06:34 UTC 2017, xxxxxx, http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.onion" fields being: date, name, url. followed by connection results on the following lines output of connection results will vary with connection results information either basic header information for status such as 200, 302, 403, 500 and for connections that fail you will see "failed: Connection timed out.".

Its up to you how you pull and format results but you can always let me know if you ever do anything funky with it.


About the author: Lee Johnstone