Fail2ban, IP Exporting & Monitoring

Today i finally acted on something i wanted to do for a while and created a way to aggregate my servers Fail2Ban Ban logs into a single source and push it to a public text list with counts of how many times each IP has been seen.

The idea is to get the most recent entries from the fail2ban.log and parse them into a readable CSV format and push them to a server that does some work to make a nice list which anybody can use as a IP ban list for other purposes ( all legal ones of coarse ), just give a link back to

The system that aggregates the data into the public list will be run daily for now and is in the format of IP, Count.

So far i am only exporting and aggregating data related to SSH (Port 22). If you would like to be a source, contact me, all data sources are kept private.

Find this list here for now, this will soon change.

Remember, if you do decided to use this, at least give some love back with a link to!

About the author: Lee Johnstone