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About CTRLBOX Information Security

CTRLBOX Information Security was founded by Lee Johnstone, who collaborates with selected analysts and researchers to bring you a custom service like no other.

Latest News

Why i turned off my Google Home Mini

Towards the end of last year there was a lot of talk about a new gadget released by Google called the Google home mini, which is smaller version of Google Home that runs Google Assistance and allows users to easy control smart devices such as lights and TVs. Shortly before Christmas 2017 i had...

Why I Changed To The Newer Google Analytics Code

Here is why i have changed to the new google analytics code and how i did it for all my websites Cyber War News, Arrest Tracker and this website CTRLBOX. The anonymity of visitors to my websites means a lot to myself as i like to also not leave tracks and traces of everywhere...

Infosecurity Journalism, a Quick How-to!

I have been working in the field cybersecurity for 5+ years. I first started in research and development, but expanded into investigative journalism. From running a very successful infosecurity site, CyberWarNews, I have gained a great wealth of knowledge. I’ve also continued to teach myself, and have even started part-time formal study towards some...